Administrative Services

The Department of Corrections’ Administrative Services Division (ASD) advances DOC’s public safety mission by providing a wide range of support activities in such areas as business services, budget management, human resources, capital programs, information technology and auditing.

It provides the business support necessary to manage:

  • More than 8,000 DOC employees
  • 12 prisons
  • 15 work release facilities
  • 173 Community Corrections field offices, work releases, community justice centers and other facilities
  • 18,000 confined offenders
  • 18,000 offenders under active community supervision

Budget Management

The Budget Office develops and coordinates the Department’s operating and capital budgets and is the central agency contact and resource for budget information. The Budget staff conduct analyses regarding financial, caseload, and workload impacts that new policies, projects, legislation and other administrative changes will have on Department operations and expenditures. The Budget Office develops recommendations for policy makers when spending reductions are necessary and coordinates the implementation of spending reductions. This includes reporting on savings actually achieved from spending reductions adopted.

To ensure budget resources maximize public safety, ASD’s Planning and Research office conducts regular Government Management, Accountability and Performance (GMAP) forums, both within the agency and as part of the Governor’s ongoing efforts to hold state agencies accountable for performance.

Business Services

In addition, Business Services provides accounting, contract management and warehousing services. Internal Audit also supports business operations to ensure proper expenditure of state resources.

Human Resources

Human Resources engages in on–going recruitment, testing and selection activities to ensure DOC has adequate, qualified staff to carry out its mission. It also oversees classification, compensation, and diversity activities; negotiates, interprets and monitors contract compliance collaboratively with two labor unions representing DOC employees. Staff counselors are available to assist and counsel staff who may be experiencing either personal or professional challenges, and occupational health nurses provide services that focus on the health and wellness of our employees.

Capital Programs

Capital Programs provides planning for the agency’s growth and development. We provide leadership and innovative solutions in budgeting, design, construction, maintenance, and environmental management.

In support of the Department of Corrections’ goals and Strategic Plan, Capital Programs provides engineering, construction, facilities management, and leasing services to support the agency’s prisons, work releases, community facilities and offices. Capital Programs also provides the Department of Corrections’ environmentalsustainability and leasing support functions.

Information Technology

Information Technology ensures the agency’s computer and technology systems are capable of managing thousands of employees and offenders.