Activities Offender Crews Cannot Engage In

  • Work involving building demolition or other wrecking dismantling operations
  • Work involving exposure to asbestos or suspected asbestos–containing materials
  • Work on ships, docks, or around bodies of water
  • Work involving the use of pesticides or chemicals
  • Work where activity takes place on a roof
  • Work which takes place four feet or more below ground level, such as excavating, trenching, or work in tunnels or sewers
  • Driving where the vehicle capacity exceeds five tons
  • Work involving participation as a pilot, a crew member and⁄or passenger in aircraft of any kind
  • Work in confined spaces (i.e. small spaces that are difficult to exit)
  • Work requiring the use of personal self–contained breathing apparatus
  • Work where there is exposure to X–ray or radioactive isotopes
  • Work where activity takes place more than 10 feet above the floor
  • Work with electrical wiring
  • Work involving handling of fireworks or explosives of any kind
  • Work around energized lines (i.e., underground or overhead electrical cabling)
  • Work involving automobile wrecking and⁄or junk yards
  • Work involving clean–up of body⁄bodily waste
  • Any work not listed above that appears to present significant (serious) safety risks

NOTE: Common household cleaning products may be used.