Offender Crews

Department of Corrections offender crews offer many benefits for offenders, communities and taxpayers. Typical projects performed by these crews include roadside litter cleanup, wildlife habitat restoration, forest-fire suppression, graffiti removal and landscaping.

There are prison work crews and community restitution crews:

Prison Work Crews

The Prison Work Crew Program allows minimum custody offenders to work on a supervised crew in the community while serving their sentence in a facility. Offenders are provided the opportunity to develop good work ethics, expand their work skills and abilities, and provide a service to the community.

Offenders selected to participate on Prison Work Crews must be approved through a strict classification review process. The crews are transported to and from the work site by trained Correctional Officers who provide direct supervision and are responsible for ensuring continuous safety and security of the crew and community.

The program uses contracts to create a partnership with federal, state, county, city and community non-profit groups to employ the work crews. The crews typically provide a variety of general labor work, i.e. landscaping, carpentry, maintenance, sweeping, janitorial, etc.

The Prison Work Crew Program is a winning proposition for every one involved:

  • the contracting agencies get a low cost labor force
  • the public receives improved services
  • the offenders learn skills and work ethics
  • the facilities receive recognition by contributing to our local communities

Proper supervision ensures this program continues to thrive and progress in a positive manner. There are many of these crews currently working throughout Western and Eastern Washington counties. For help getting a Prison Work Crew for your project, contact a Department of Corrections employee in your county provided in the link below.

Community Restitution CrewsWork Crew

Community Restitution Crews allows offenders supervised by DOC to work on crews. These crews perform work for non-profits and government agencies. The benefits to offenders are in expanding work skills and encouraging a sense of social responsibility. The community improvements for local governments and non-profit organizations is a win for all.

Do you have a project you need to get done? Given our available resources in a local area, we might be able to assist. Check that it's not an activity a crew cannot perform and then contact a DOC employee in your area to talk about possibilities.

Community Restitution Workers

Community Restitution Workers are offenders who need to perform community restitution hours. There are hundreds of Community Restitution work sites around the State that have entered into formal partnerships with DOC. If your non-profit organization or government agency needs a few individuals to help, and you can provide supervision and report hours on a monthly basis - then contact our coordinators to get started.

Sample Community Restitution Work Site Contract

The Community Restitution Work Crew program has been in place since 1984. It was recognized in 1998 by the American Correctional Association ( as a “best practice” for its development of public service work crew partnerships. The program serves as an important element of the department's Re-entry Initiative, which provides offenders with work opportunities, training and treatment they will need to become productive members of society.