Doing Business with DOC

DOC purchases goods to operate both prisons and offices, contracts for services to offenders and contracts for construction. Each competitive procurement will specify what must be provided by the vendor or contractor and the due date. All companies, individuals and non–profits are encouraged to compete for business with DOC.

Bidding Opportunities

General Business Information

Intergovernmental Contracts

Chapter 39.34 RCW, the Interlocal Cooperation Act, provides the authority for Washington State agencies such as DOC to contract with other governmental entities. These contracts are Intergovernmental agreements (agreements between DOC and other Washington state agencies, other State governments and⁄or their agencies, cities, counties and tribes of any state, or any agency or part of the Federal government). Copies of these agreements may be obtained through a Public Disclosure request.

Sole Source and Emergency Contracts

Chapter 39.26 RCW, Procurement of Goods and Services, provides the parameters by which Washington State agencies such as DOC contract for goods and services, and requires that sole source and emergency contracts be made available for public inspection.


Terms and Conditions

In compliance with SSB 6354 the Department of Corrections accepts electronic documents and payments for all transactions except the following:

  • Public Disclosure
  • Medical Service bills not submitted through Provider One Network