DOC working with Correctional Industries (CI)

Mission Statement

As a business, Correctional Industries is committed to maintaining and expanding offender work training programs which develop marketable job skills, instill and promote positive work ethics, and reduce the tax burden of corrections.

Introducing Correctional Industries

The idea of putting offenders to work in the state of Washington is as old as the first territorial penitentiary built in Walla Walla in 1886. Over one hundred years later, Correctional Industries’ businesses produce quality goods and services and provide offenders with job experience.

Ninety–seven percent of offenders incarcerated in Washington State will be released. CI provides offenders educational training and an opportunity to gain marketable skills necessary for a successful transition from prison to the community. In addition to the job skills offenders acquire through CI, they also learn valuable life skills: pride in accomplishment, understanding of quality, and proper work ethics. Offenders working for CI will not only have money to help them survive once they are released; they will also have skills to assist them in finding a job.

Offender Reentry into the Community

In conjunction with the Department of Corrections’ Vocational Education and Employment Security, Correctional Industries is connecting skilled workers with private industry. Living wage jobs are necessary for a successful transition into the community and CI is helping offenders make the final transition to employment.

Why buy from CI?

You can become part of this positive process. Your purchases from CI lower the costs associated with operating the state’s criminal justice system and provide offenders with a chance to change their lives — forever. Shop online now at (–services.html) or call Customer Service at (800) 628–4738.

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