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Substance Abuse Treatment

The Department of Corrections (DOC) is the largest certified substance abuse treatment agency in the State of Washington with services located in 11 prisons and 12 work releases. DOC prisons have three basic levels of primary substance abuse treatment: Therapeutic Community (TC), Intensive Day Treatment (IDT), and Intensive Outpatient (IOP). Within these treatment modalities are programs to meet the specific needs of the patient/offender populations they serve, such as treatment for co-occurring disorders (COD), gender responsive treatments, and programs accessible by offenders in all custody levels. DOC work releases offer IOP and OP programs including COD treatment.

Substance Abuse Treatment addresses the bio-psycho-social elements of substance use disorders. Treatment services are managed with a manualized, structured, abstinence based curriculum to include cognitive behavioral interventions, alcohol/drug education, individual and group counseling, motivational interviewing, recovery based skill building, peer intervention/accountability, relapse prevention, recovery maintenance, self-help, individual service plans, and randomized testing for substances. Entry and completion of substance abuse treatment has been proven to reduce recidivism, contributing to greater public safety.

Substance abuse treatment is available in the prisons and work releases for those identified as in need of services either through the Drug offender Sentencing Alternative (DOSA), a court ordered Judgment and Sentence, or a substance use screening administered at our reception centers. Individuals identified as in need of services are referred to be assessed by a Chemical Dependency Professional and, if found to have a substance use disorder, may be admitted to substance abuse treatment offered by the Department of Corrections.


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