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MCCCW — Driving Directions

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Facility Phone Number

(360) 277-2400

Driving and Parking

  • The speed limit on facility grounds is 5 mph. Thank you for not speeding.
  • Visitors are welcome to arrive 30 minutes prior to visits.
  • Pets and persons not visiting may not wait in the vehicles.
  • Vehicles should be secured.
  • Please check in at the MCCCW Visiting Room area. Visitors arriving after the check–in time must have Shift Sergeant approval to visit.
  • Visitors may not return to their vehicles until they have signed out of the visiting area, or have been authorized to leave by correctional staff.


  • Visitors with limited mobility may ask the correctional staff for assistance, if needed. Handicapped parking is located in the visiting parking lot or parking slots near the entrance to the Visiting Room.