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WSP — Driving Directions

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Facility Phone Number

(509) 525–3610

  • For East Complex Minimum Security Units, ask for extension 1002.
  • For West Complex, South Complex or Intensive Managment Unit North/South, ask for extension 5058.

Driving and Parking

  • The speed limit on facility grounds is 15 mph. Thank you for not speeding.
  • Park your vehicle in the section marked “visitor parking”.
  • Pets and persons not visiting may not wait in vehicles.
  • Vehicles need to be secured.
  • Visitors are welcome to arrive 15 minutes prior to visits.
  • Please check in at the visitor entrance.

Parking Map

East Complex Minimum Security Units

  • If visiting in the EC, Segregation or MSU, turn left into the entrance of the lower parking lot of the Washington State Penitentiary.

West Complex, South Complex or Intensive Managment Units

  • If visiting in the WC, SC or IMU North⁄South, turn left into the West Complex visitor parking lot.


  • If you need special assistance, please call (509) 525–3610, extension 6131 at least one hour prior to your visit and report 15 minutes earlier than regular processing time to arrange for special transportation from the handicapped parking section at the West Complex. (All visitors that need physical assistance will be required to park at the West Complex.)