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Pre-Paid Phone Calls – ConnectNetwork

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ConnectNetwork is a Global Tel* Link (GTL) pre–paid phone service exclusively available to family and friends. Anyone seeking to set up or deposit funds into a pre-paid account online will need to go through ConnectNetwork.

Advance Pay account balances that were established using myvconnect.com will be unaffected, and will be transferred to an account with ConnectNetwork.

Pre-Paid Account Information

Funds are added to pre–paid accounts (Advance Pay or debit account) through ConnectNetwork from a credit card.

There will be a service fee added to the transaction:

  • $7.95 is the service fee for an Advance Pay account
  • $5.95 is the service fee for the debit account

The minimum amount that can be funded is $10.00, and up to a maximum amount of $250.00.

Funds are normally credited within one day of the money order being received.

Once a pre-paid account has been established for a specific number, collect calls can not be made by an offender to that number.

Funds will be charged according to the Offender Phone System fee schedule.

What if I don't have a credit card?

If you do not have a credit card or, do not want to pay a service fee, a money order can be mailed to:

Advance Pay Service Department
PO Box 911722
Denver, CO 80291-1722

See ConnectNetwork's Help FAQ for more information.

ConnectNetwork Portal Rules

  • Requires a valid email address to setup an account.
  • Sends an email to confirm successful deposit transactions.
  • Does not allow payments from unsaved credit cards.

To contact live customer service regarding questions, issues or complaints, or for hours of operation, see ConnectNetworks Contact Information.

Pre–Paid Account Glossary

“Advance Pay” is an account where an offender can only call the number that is funded.

“Pre–paid” calls are calls where time has been purchased in advance using ConnectNetwork.com

“Collect calls” are billed to your phone using your carrier’s standard pricing per call.

“Debit Account” refers to an account where an offender can call any number on their Personal Allowed Number (PAN) list.