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Red TelephoneTelephone Frequently Asked Questions

Costs for phone calls

Is it possible to set up a Pre–Paid account?

Anyone seeking to set up or deposit funds into an Pre–Paid account online will need to go through.


How do I set up an Pre–Paid account?

Go to offenderconnect.com to establish a User ID and sign up.

Pre–Paid accounts balances that were established utilizing myvconnect.com will be unaffected and will be transferred to an account with offenderconnect.com.

Once a credit card transaction has been approved the funds are immediately available.

What are the phone rates to talk with offenders?

Phone calls are a flat fee for a 20 minute call. Calls cannot be billed per minute.

Charges for a 20 minute in–state call:

  • Collect calls are $3.50 plus tax
  • A Pre–Paid call is $3.15 plus tax

Out–of–state calls do not have discounted rates for Pre–Paid accounts. Calls are billed per minute.

Charges for an out–of–state call:

  • Connection fee is $3.50 plus an additional.50 cents per minute

What is the Global Tel* Link’s refund policy?

As of January 1, 2010, GTL charges a $4.95 refund fee to cover their administrative charges. If the account has never been used (i.e., no calls ever received) and closed within 90 days, GTL will waive the administrative charge and issue a full refund.

How do I close my account?

To close your account, please contact OffenderConnect at 1–800–483–8314 to speak to a Customer Service Representative.

General questions

What happens when the Answering Machine Picks Up?

As a standard rule there is no charge if a call gets terminated to an answering machine. The system will determine that an answering machine has acquired the call and the offender will not be allowed to leave a message. In some rare cases, depending on the line quality and tone process of the answering machine the system will set the call as accepted and a charge will be levied. In these cases, OffenderConnect may refund the money and may request that the customer change the answering machine at their discretion.

What if the offender is released?

This is specific to your need. You may close the account or use it for another offender. Note: an account must be established at each unique correctional entity such as Department of Corrections or a local county jail.

Does OffenderConnect provide other services?

Yes. You can save time and money by managing several account transactions online from one, convenient website.

What if I have more than one offender in the same facility?

You can set up your Pre–Paid phone account for calls or add funds to individual offender’s Pre–Paid account.

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