silhouette visiting over coffeeVisits help to preserve healthy relationships between inmates and their family and friends. The Department strives to make these visits comfortable and pleasant.

Please be advised: Unforeseen security problems may interfere with visiting, causing delayed, shortened, suspended or cancelled visits. This is unusual, but it does occasionally occur.

You can follow DOC Visitation on Twitter to be notified of visitation cancellations and changes. Learn how to follow DOC on Twitter.

Each facility also has its own visiting guidelines. Go to the individual facility to see important notices, visiting rules, visit guidelines, family friendly events and visit schedules.

Visiting Survey

The Department wants to ensure your visiting experience has been comfortable. Will you please take this brief survey to let us know how we are doing? Visitation Program Experience (a survey).

Special Visits

Special visits may be permitted per DOC policy 450.300 Visits for Prison Inmates, for persons traveling long distances, hospitalized offenders and professional visitors. Special visits must be requested on form DOC 21–787 Special Visit Request. Also, fill out the Criminal History Records check and submit them to the inmate’s Counselor.

Extended Family Visiting Program

The Department recognizes the importance of maintaining strong family ties and provides opportunities for Extended Family Visits (EFVs).

Video Visiting

The Washington State Department of Corrections is currently piloting video visitation at Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women. We are working diligently to prepare other facilities for the implementation of Video Visitation.

Much like Skype, Video Visits are conducted via friends and families’ computers and video kiosks in the facility.

Each Video Visit lasts 30 minutes and costs $12.95.Video Visits are monitored and recorded for security purposes. Regular visitation rules apply – nudity, profanity, gang signs, etc. are strictly prohibited. Visitors must be on the offender’s approved visit list and a current photo of the visitor must be in the visit system.

Visits in Prison – FAQ

Is there a one–stop–shop for visiting forms?

Visit forms should be sent directly to the facility where you wish to visit. Facility addresses can be found on the Individual facility web pages. Sending applications elsewhere will cause a delay in processing time.

Get just the form (or forms) you need for your particular visit situation:

What are the scheduled visiting hours?

Visiting schedules vary among the facilities. Check the specific facility pages for visiting rules and schedules. Ensure a positive visit; be aware of the dress code and all of the rules.

What are the requirements for minors as visitors?

Get more information about bringing minors to visit.

What are the requirements for adult visitors?

Before being placed on the inmate’s visiting list, the approval process must be complete. This process begins by completing the Visiting Application form. Please fill out either the Online Application or the Hard Copy Application not both. Submitting multiple visit applications for an individual visitor will cause a delay in processing. If bringing medication into the facility, please complete the Visitor Medication Questionnaire 16–102 (PDF).

You must bring current photo identification (ID) to the visit: Driver’s license, military ID, Indian tribal ID, state ID card, state or federal agency ID or passport.

What items can I bring to a visit?

  • Bringing money (for vending machines or cards) is limited per facility. Please refer to the local facility pages for the Visiting Guidelines specific to the facility visiting rules regarding cash.
  • Life–sustaining medication needed during the visiting period (if the visitor provides proof of prescription). The Visitor Medication Questionnaire 16–102 (PDF) form must be completed and sent in prior to the visit.

Will I be searched?

Please be prepared. All visitors, their belongings, vehicles and any container and⁄or bag that are brought onto the institution grounds are subject to DOC policy search.

Do you need help with transportation?

Several not–for–profit services are available to help you get to the institution.

Who should I contact if I have questions about visiting?

You should contact the facility where you plan to visit and ask to speak to visit staff. Please be aware that visit staff often work a non–traditional work schedule so they are available at the facility during visit hours. A voice message may be left for visit staff. Please be sure to include your loved one’s DOC number and a brief summary of your concern, and visit staff will return your call as soon as they are able.

If your question or concern cannot be resolved by the facility, you may email the family services unit. Please be sure to include your loved one’s name and DOC number in the subject line.

family visitingVisits in Work Release – FAQ

NOTE: Because work release facilities do not have access to the same visit records as in the prisons, a new application must be submitted when an offender transfers to or from a work release.

What are the requirements for visitors over the age of 18?

Before being placed on the work release offender’s visiting list, the approval process must be complete. This process begins by completing the Work Release Visitor and Sponsor Application 20–169 (PDF) form and the Criminal History Records check. If you are approved, you will be added to the visiting list and the offender will be notified.

You must bring current photo identification (ID) to the visit: Driver’s license, military ID, Indian tribal ID, state ID card, state or federal agency ID or passport.

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