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silhouette visiting with a childVisiting With a Minor

Minors must be accompanied and under the direct control of their non-incarcerated parent⁄guardian during the entire visit.

Requirements for visitors under 18 years old

Before being placed on the inmate’s visiting list, the approval process must be complete. The minor must be on the approved visiting list and included with the DOC form 20-060, Visitor’s Questionnaire (PDF) application completed and notarized. A copy of the child’s birth certificate must accompany the application. Family members are encouraged to include a self-address stamped envelope so the copy of the birth certificate can be returned. Guardianship of all minors must be verified by providing a certified copy of the court order establishing legal guardianship.

Note: For ease in processing, please submit applications for minors using the Hard Copy Visitor’s Application and submit it to the facility you plan to visit along with:

Infant and toddler supplies allowed

Items authorized for infants and toddlers are included in the Visit Guidelines for the facility where the inmate is housed.

Individual facilities may vary on what items are allowed for infants and toddlers. Please obtain specific information from the inmate prior to your visit.

Visiting lists

There is no limit to the number of visitors an inmate may have on their visiting list, with the exception of Washington Corrections Center (WCC). The WCC limits the number of visitors an inmate may have on their approved visitors list to five, as they are primarily the receiving facility. All visitors must be approved by the facility for visiting. Additional restrictions may apply at individual facilities. It is best to check with the inmate to find out how many are allowed at his or her location.

Dress code for visitors

Only clothing that is conservative, modest and meets the following standards is acceptable:

  • All clothing must be clean and in good repair. All buttons or closures must be fastened to the degree necessary to maintain modesty.
  • Undergarments must be worn. Male visitors must wear boxers, briefs or long underwear. Female visitors, as determined appropriate, must wear briefs and brassieres.
  • Visitors should not wear clothing that is difficult to search; for example, excessive pockets or padding, layering of one outer garment over another, etc.

Visit Guidelines have more specific clothing requirements. Each facility has different guidelines. Please see the applicable facility webpage for more specifics.