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PRESS RELEASE: DOC Announces Annual Agency Award Winners

Released June 5, 2015

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OLYMPIA – Each year, the Washington Department of Corrections recognizes the achievements of its employees with the Annual Agency Awards. This year, more than 648 nominations were submitted. The nominees reflect a great spectrum of staff working to accomplish the goals of the agency. Each award recipient serves as an example of the extraordinary work of many.

The following DOC employees received awards on Friday, June 5, 2015:

Valor Award

  • Leona Buttram, Clallam Bay Corrections Center
  • Eric Celle, Lakewood Field Office
  • Timmy Dougherty–Sanders, Lakewood Field Office

Secretary’s Leadership Award

  • Christopher Bowman, Washington State Penitentiary
  • Steven Johnson, Community Corrections–Section 3
  • James Nozawa, Prisons–Headquarters

Petrine Marciniak Inspirational Award

  • Alice Rogers, Kennewick Tri–Cities Violent Gang Task Force

Diversity Award

  • Nancy Simmons, Larch Corrections Center

Community Service Award

  • Sidney Clark, Larch Corrections Center

Excellence in Safety Award

  • Chris Idso, Stafford Creek Corrections Center

Employees of the Year

  • Alan Anderson, Larch Corrections Center
  • Steven Baxter, Washington Corrections Center for Women
  • Susan Biller, Monroe Correctional Complex
  • Rebecca Dombrowsky, Stafford Creek Corrections Center
  • Kevin Dorcy, Washington Corrections Center
  • Michael Hathaway, Monroe Correctional Complex
  • William Hayes, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Teresa Hitchcock, Chehalis Field Office
  • Melissa Johnson, Washington Corrections Center for Women
  • Greg Miller, Prisons–Headquarters

Supervisors of the Year

  • Andrea Baccetti, Washington Corrections Center for Women
  • Linda Belanger, Washington State Penitentiary
  • Paul Bird, Wenatchee Field Office
  • Robert Bromps, Spokane Broadway Field Office
  • Darren Chlipala, Washington State Penitentiary
  • Edward Dominik, Washington Corrections Center
  • Lindsey Jones, Washington State Penitentiary
  • Timothy Logan, Okanogan Field Office
  • Kenneth McKenney, Clallam Bay Corrections Center
  • Joseph Quenga, Washington Corrections Center*

Support Staff of the Year

  • Karina Austin, Coyote Ridge Corrections Center
  • Tamera Cochran, Wenatchee Field Office
  • Connie Hull, Spokane Valley Field Office
  • Charlotte Joplin, Monroe Correctional Complex
  • Sandra Leisinger, Coyote Ridge Corrections Center
  • Karl Lofgren, Stafford Creek Corrections Center
  • Nancy Peterson, Health Services–Washington Corrections Center
  • Marina Tanner, Parkland Field Office
  • Katy Tatro, Stafford Creek Corrections Center
  • Ann Wise, Airway Heights Corrections Center

Counselors of the Year

  • Tonya Pleines, Olympic Corrections Center (Prison Command A)
  • Rebecca Dyson, Airway Heights Corrections Center (Prison Command B)

Community Corrections Officers of the Year

  • Tonya Wick, Spokane Drug Offender Sentencing Alternative Field Office (Section 1)
  • Stephen Sype, Wenatchee Field Office (Section 2)
  • Lora Klein, Longview Field Office (Section 3)
  • Tasha Brown, Parkland South Field Office (Section 4)
  • Christopher Duran, Kent Field Office (Section 5)
  • Richard DeBay, Bellingham Field Office (Section 6)

Correctional Officers of the Year

  • Darrell Avery, Airway Heights Corrections Center
  • Karl J. Tschimperle, Cedar Creek Corrections Center
  • Jody Ivey, Clallam Bay Corrections Center
  • Aaron Jones, Coyote Ridge Corrections Center
  • Gregory Benjamin, Larch Corrections Center
  • Leigh Henderson, Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women
  • Jonathan Scott, Monroe Correctional Complex
  • Warren Johnson, Olympic Corrections Center
  • Joseph Salvaggi, Stafford Creek Corrections Center
  • Douglas French, Washington Corrections Center
  • Gerald Holter, Washington Corrections Center for Women
  • Rusty Reece, Washington State Penitentiary

Volunteers of the Year

  • MaKayla Fletcher, East Region
  • Zachary Markwith, Northwest Region
  • Eric Johnson, Southwest Region
  • LeAnna Benn, Airway Heights Corrections Center
  • James E. Jager, Cedar Creek Corrections Center
  • Boyd Stockdale, Clallam Bay Corrections Center
  • Ronald Vaughn, Coyote Ridge Corrections Center
  • Donna Schafte–Brandon, Larch Corrections Center
  • Lisa Kurek, Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women
  • Dennis Stoycoff, Monroe Correctional Complex
  • Todd Thatcher, Olympic Corrections Center
  • Howard Brenton, Stafford Creek Corrections Center
  • Linda Gaffney, Washington Corrections Center
  • Sharon Kirkpatrick, Washington Corrections Center for Women
  • Glenn Blackwood, Washington State Penitentiary

Innovation Team Award

Centralized Pharmacy

  • Tara Abernathy, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Adam Aguilar, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Jesus Alvarez, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Kammi Barbo, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Merdan Bazarov, Budget–Headquarters
  • Teresa Bennett, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Perry Branton, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Rory Burgett, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Carla Dishon, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Casey Douglas III, Information Technology–Headquarters
  • Ashley Gaddy, Health Services–Maple Lane*
  • Tuekwe George, Budget–Headquarters
  • Debra Gill, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Jon Gortmaker, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Brandy Guile, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • William Hayes, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Eric Hernandez, Health Services–Headquarters
  • Dwight Hollar, Capitol Programs–Headquarters
  • Ebrima Jarju, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Ingrid Lai, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Steven Leppell, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • George McCord, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Tammy McMichael, Health Services–Maple Lane*
  • Walter Ness, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Carol Nikolaisen, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Staci Ogden, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Jack Ott, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Wayne Pederson, Information Technology, Capitol Programs–Headquarters
  • Kathleen ‘Kathy’ Reninger, Health Services–Headquarters
  • Tami Rettke, Information Technology–Lacey
  • Mark Riddell, Cedar Creek Corrections Center–Maple Lane
  • Vickie Rogers, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • La Annette Scantlin, Health Services–Maple Lane*
  • Russell Snelson, Information Technology–Lacey
  • John Tougaw, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Michael Varon, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Kaitlyn Wheeler, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Lori Whinery, Health Services–Maple Lane
  • Kathleen Wolfe, Health Services–Maple Lane

Innovation Team Award

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Implementation Team

  • Bart Abplanalp, Health Services–Headquarters
  • Joseph Agloro, Larch Corrections Center
  • Megan Allsen, Prisons–Headquarters
  • Karina Austin, Coyote Ridge Corrections Center
  • Jeff Bailey, Washington Corrections Center for Women
  • Cathleen ‘Cathy’ Baker, Prisons–Headquarters
  • Jason Bennett, Olympic Corrections Center
  • Kevin Bowen, Cedar Creek Corrections Center
  • Barbara Burchell Braid, Health Services–Headquarters
  • Felice Davis, Washington Corrections Center for Women
  • Brenda DeShazer, Airway Heights Corrections Center
  • Debra Dobson, Washington Corrections Center
  • Helen Donatacci, Clallam Bay Corrections Center
  • Bradley A. Dudley, Information Technology–Headquarters
  • Jacqueline Fluaitt, Coyote Ridge Corrections Center
  • George Gilbert, Prisons–Headquarters
  • Michael Green, Washington Corrections Center
  • Anne Guzman, Airway Heights Corrections Center
  • Ronald Haynes, Airway Heights Corrections Center
  • Michelle Henderling, Monroe Correctional Complex
  • Tracy Hixson, Olympic Corrections Center
  • Risa Klemme, Health Services–Headquarters
  • Barbara Kopecky, Washington Corrections Center
  • Roland Lanoue III, Prisons–Headquarters
  • Miles Lawson, Clallam Bay Corrections Center
  • Susan Leavell, Community Corrections–Headquarters
  • Thomas L’Heureux, Stafford Creek Corrections Center
  • Vicki Loete, Prisons–Headquarters
  • Kevin Milovac, Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women
  • Lori Ramsdell–Gilkey, Community Corrections–Headquarters
  • Lori Scamahorn, Washington State Penitentiary
  • Beth Schubach, Prisons–Headquarters
  • Belinda Stewart, Prisons–Headquarters
  • Carrie Trogdon–Oster, Tacoma Community Justice Center
  • Courtney Watson, Washington Corrections Center for Women
  • Autumn Witten, Administrative Operations–Headquarters

Team Excellence Award

King County Offender Festival Directives Team

  • John Conaty, Community Response Unit–Seattle
  • Geoff Ehrhart, Northgate Field Office
  • Siobhan Haggerty, Southeast Seattle Field Office
  • Emily Isaacs, Seattle Metro Field Office
  • Ryan Kowalchuk, Community Response Unit–Seattle
  • Stephen Lambert, Community Response Unit–Seattle
  • Andrew Liebl, West Seattle Field Office
  • Leslie Mills, Community Response Unit–Seattle
  • Leslie O’Connor, Seattle Metro 2 Field Office
  • Erin O’Donnell, Burien Field Office
  • Kristoffer Rongen, Community Response Unit–Seattle
  • Christopher Salindron, Seattle Metro 2 Field Office
  • Jeffrey Sargent, Community Response Unit–Seattle
  • Michael Schemnitzer, West Seattle Field Office
  • Chad Winfrey, Community Response Unit–Seattle

Team Excellence Award

Headquarters Warrants Unit

  • Expedito Bayon, Administrative Operations–Headquarters
  • Linda Foerster, Administrative Operations–Headquarters
  • Christopher L. Johnson, Administrative Operations–Headquarters
  • Patty Jordan, Administrative Operations–Headquarters
  • Laura Killingsworth, Administrative Operations–Headquarters
  • Donna Lontz, Administrative Operations–Headquarters
  • Muhammad Nichols, Administrative Operations–Headquarters
  • Marla Pitchford, Administrative Operations–Headquarters
  • Laura Riordan, Administrative Operations–Headquarters
  • Wanell Sanders, Administrative Operations–Headquarters
  • Michael Sieg, Administrative Operations–Headquarters
  • Patricia Wall, Administrative Operations–Headquarters
  • Amber Walters, Administrative Operations–Headquarters

* Employed during 2014, nominated and selected as an award winner – however no longer employed by the Department.