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PRESS RELEASE: Background Information on Nathen Ryan Terault

Released August 12, 2015

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DOC Communications

The Department has received media requests regarding Nathen Terault. Here's some background information:

Nathen Ryan Terault entered prison on Sept. 2, 2004 after conviction on multiple charges, including three counts of assault and a drive-by shooting . He was released from confinement in November 2012 and began his court-ordered community supervision. He was currently supervised out of the Parkland office.

Under his terms of supervision, Terault is not allowed to consume drugs or alcohol or have a firearm. He's also required to check in regularly with his community corrections officer and submit to home inspections.

Terault was arrested twice this past year by the Department of Corrections, and put in jail, for violations of the terms of his supervision:

  • On May 7, 2015, a CCO visited Terault's home and observed him drinking beer in violation of his conditions. He was arrested, sent to jail and released on May 8th.

  • On Aug. 4, 2015, during a routine test for drugs, Terault tested positive for methamphetamines, a violation of his conditions. He was arrested, sent to jail and released on Aug. 7.

Terault was last seen by his community corrections officer on Aug. 7. Terault went to the CCO's office to check in, as required, after being released from jail. The Department will conduct a critical incident review, as required by our policy, the results of which will be available once complete.