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Rule Making at the Department of Corrections

The Washington State Department of Corrections Office of Contracts and Legal Affairs oversees the process for formulation and adoption of rules administered by the agency. A rule, commonly referred to as a WAC (Washington Administrative Code), is adopted by a state agency to implement state and federal law. The state law for rule making is found in the Administrative Procedure Act, chapter 34.05 RCW.

The Administrative Procedure Act (APA) sets out the requirements the Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) must follow to adopt a rule, but do not apply to rules governing persons who are in the custody or are subject to the jurisdiction of the DOC (RCW 34.05.030(1)(c)). The Regulatory Fairness Act requires DOC to analyze the impact of its rules on small businesses.

The DOC is committed to developing and adopting rules that are necessary, fair, understandable, and consistent in a manner meeting the intent of the APA. The Office of Contracts and Legal Affairs is the official DOC liaison with the Office of the Code Reviser and the Joint Administrative Rules Review Committee (JARRC). For more information on DOC rule making, please review the following DOC services and resources.

DOC Rules

Rule Making Activity Within the Last 12 Months

How to Participate

Get Involved:

Input from the public is accepted by DOC throughout the rule–making process in accordance with the APA. This may include participation on advisory committees, written comments, and public hearings. However, the formal comment period for rules proposed in accordance with the APA begins with the publication of the CR–102 form in the Washington State Register, where the DOC provides contact information for comments and outlines a public hearing location, date and time. Written and verbal comments are accepted at the public hearing(s) on the proposed rule.

Hearing Schedule:

See the Rule Making Activity page for more information regarding rules that may be scheduled for hearing in the future or rules that have been filed for permanent adoption.

DOC Contact Information

For questions regarding DOC Rules, please contact:

Maria Puccio, DOC Rules Coordinator

Department of Corrections
Office of Contracts and Legal Affairs
PO Box 41114 — Olympia, WA 98504–1114

Phone: (360) 725–8362
Fax: (360) 664–2009

Email: Rules Coordinator