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Executive Strategy Team

professional portrait of secretary cheryl strange

Cheryl Strange, Secretary

The Secretary of the Department of Corrections is a Cabinet-level position appointed by the Governor. For more information about Secretary Strange, read her biography (pdf).

Administrative Support

Monica Distefano, Confidential Secretary

The Department of Corrections is organized by area and led by an executive strategy team.

sean murphy portrait
Sean Murphy
Deputy Secretary
Office of the Deputy Secretary
Yen Huynh
Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, & Respect (EDIR)
Melissa Andrewjeski portrait
Melissa Andrewjeski
Assistant Secretary
Prisons Division
donald holdbrook portrait
Donald Holbrook
Assistant Secretary
Prisons Division
danielle armbruster portrait
Danielle Armbruster
Assistant Secretary
Reentry Division
mac pevey portrait
Mac Pevey
Assistant Secretary
Community Corrections Division
david flynn portrait
David Flynn
Assistant Secretary
Health Services Division
Dr. MaryAnn Curl portrait
Dr. MaryAnn Curl
Chief Medical Officer
Health Services Division
portrait of Kellett Sayre
Kellett Sayre
Assistant Secretary
Budget, Strategy and Technology
todd dowler portrait
Todd Dowler
Assistant Secretary
Employee & Business Support Services Administration
chris wright portrait
Chris Wright
Communications Office
nancy waldo portrait
Nancy Waldo
Human Resources
greg fisher portrait
Greg Fisher
Chief Information Officer
Information Technology
thea mounts portrait
Thea Mounts
Chief Data Officer
Research & Data Analytics
Executive Policy & Legislative Affairs
tim lang portrait
Tim Lang
Senior Assistant Attorney General
Attorney General’s Office, Corrections Division
kecia rongen portrait
Kecia Rongen
ISRB Chair
Indeterminate Sentence Review Board