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Engage & Respect Employees | Increase Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Respect (EDIR)


The Department of Corrections is a leader in evidence based programs designed to increase reentry and reduce recidivism, operate humane and sustainable facilities, and treat all individuals with dignity and respect. The department understands that if it is to maintain its leading advantage in corrections, it must be intentional about building a high performance equitable, diverse, inclusive culture on a platform of respect.

When employees have a workplace culture where they feel respected, connected, and valued, the department will experience increased participation, productivity, innovation, problem solving, teamwork, and communication, all of which translates to the bottom line.

The business imperative for equity, diversity, inclusion, and respect is clear. The department must attract, engage and retain the right skills, the best minds, and build inclusive work environments that inspire people to excel, innovate, and grow.

How We Measure

The Department of Corrections strives to increase the equity, diversity, inclusion, and respect index from 61% to 65% by 2023.

Increase Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Respect

Percentage index (2019)

Not satisfactory

This measure is based on the responses to a selection of questions an annual survey given to all Department of Corrections staff. The statistic describes the number of answers marked “agree” or “strongly agree” expressed as a percentage of the total number of responses.

The questions that make up the index are as follows: A spirit of cooperation and teamwork exists in my work group; At my workplace, I feel valued for who I am as a person; I am encouraged to come up with better ways of doing things; I have the opportunity to give input on decisions affecting my work; My agency consistently demonstrates support for a diverse workforce; My supervisor treats me with dignity and respect; People are treated fairly in my workgroup.

Equity Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Index

Factors that Support an Inclusive Work Environment

Common Language

Having a common definition of equity, diversity, inclusion, and respect is necessary to establish consistency and a point to aim at. Employees should be engaged defining what respect feels and looks like, along with the qualities and values needed to live out the ideal culture. Defining and describing core competencies must align with and inform welcoming, training, developing, disciplining, rewarding, hiring, and off-boarding employees.

Sustainable Structure

The department's equity, diversity, inclusion, and respect business imperative presents a viable opportunity for the agency to function more effectively, as well as prepare for the future. Whether working to attract, retain, and develop top talent, improve organization effectiveness, improve public safety, manage risk or maintain compliance, properly executing on this inclusive business model positions the department to drive organizational excellence and breakthrough results.

Clearly Defined Organizational Excellence

Relevant business metrics and key performance indicators gauge performance and progress made on equity, diversity, inclusion, and respect business solutions. Chart pre-change (baseline) and post-change data to position the department to proactively tell its story to internal and external stakeholders.

Actions Being Taken to Deliver Results