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Achieve Organizational Excellence | Establish Integrated Outcome Based Management


Washingtonians require an effective, transparent, and accountable government. The Department of Corrections' (DOC) leadership engagement and ongoing investment in outcome based management systems and tools reflects a culture committed to delivering better results. Results DOC is the latest iteration of our outcome based management system. Results DOC is designed to ensure that managers and staff at all levels are engaged in using data to evaluate the effectiveness of programs, manage process performance, improve efficiency and reduce costs (RCW 43.17.385).

How We Measure

The Department of Corrections strives to establish outcome based management in 100% of divisions by 2020. As part of this effort, the department aims to increase the Results index to at least 55%.

Establish Outcome Based Management

Percentage index (2019)

Not satisfactory

This measure is based on the responses to a selection of questions an annual survey given to all Department of Corrections staff. The statistic describes the number of answers marked “agree” or “strongly agree” expressed as a percentage of the total number of responses.

The questions that make up the index are as follows: I am encouraged to come up with better ways of doing things; I have the opportunity to give input on decisions affecting my work; I know how my agency measures its success; I know how my work contributes to the goals of my agency; We are making improvements to make things better for our customers.

Outcome Based Managment Index

Factors that Support Outcome Based Management

Strategic Planning (Plan)

The Washington State Department of Corrections is made up of over 8,500 employees and five distinct operational divisions working together to achieve the results Washingtonians care about most. Establishing meaningful goals and objectives (priorities) at the agency level enables the operational divisions to develop strategies and activities to align their core work with agency priorities. (Strategic Plan)

Project Management (Do)

Resources are limited, and to make the most efficient and effective use of those, a disciplined approach to selection, prioritization, and management of strategic initiatives is required.

Performance Measures (Check)

Clear, relevant, and easy to understand measures allow us to evaluate our performance at regular intervals (Strategic Plan Dashboard). Quarterly Results Reviews (QRR) of leading indicators at the division level, and outcomes at the agency level, provide a forum to share best practices and successes, as well as to identify opportunities for improvement.

Continuous Improvement (Adjust)

Where opportunities for improvement are identified, problem solving and process improvement activities with employees closest to the work provide opportunities for employee engagement, data driven decision making, and sustainable results.

Actions Being Taken to Deliver Results