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Supervision in the Community


The Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) supervises persons who have either been confined in a county jail, prison facility (for felony convictions of more than a year), and/or were sentenced to direct supervision in the community.

DOC supervises an active caseload of approximately 18,000 persons in communities across the State of Washington. Corrections employees promote reintegration and public safety by:

  • Providing guidance, support and program opportunities for all inmates returning to the community.
  • Holding people on supervision accountable to their imposed supervision conditions, as they resume life within the community.
  • Collaborating and supporting community resources and parties with a vested interest in successful transition into the community.

Doing what works and is demonstrated to be evidence-based makes a difference for those under supervision and for all citizens residing in our Washington communities. For example, Thinking for a Change (T4C), which is an evidenced based behavioral program, provide participants the knowledge and skills necessary to change behavior and reduce recidivism. With changed behavior, there is an ability to reduce future victimization and make our communities safer places.

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Below are Department of Corrections (DOC) policies that apply to community supervision.

Laws & Regulations

Below are state laws (RCWs) that apply to community supervision.


Below are Department of Corrections (DOC) publications that apply to community supervision.