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Visiting Help & Support

The correctional system, with all of its rules and processes, can be challenging to understand without assistance. This page is intended to bridge that gap by providing information, connection to services and assistance in finding visiting help and support resources.

Appeal Process

A visitor may appeal an initial visit application, denial visit privilege restrictions/suspensions/terminations, and/or Visit Multidisciplinary Team decisions in writing to the Headquarters Correctional Program Administrator. A written decision will be mailed through the USPS when email is not an option for notification to the visitor.

See DOC 450.300 Visits for Incarcerated Individuals (pdf) for more information.

Lodging and Transportation Assistance Program (LTAP)

The Washington State Department of Corrections supports family friendly programs that focus on strengthening the relationship between incarcerated individuals and their loved ones. Studies show that a strong familial relationship and support system reduces recidivism, reduces the likelihood of intergenerational incarceration, and increases the likelihood of a successful reentry into the community upon release, thus creating safer communities.

Many families are not able to make the trip to see their incarcerated loved one due to the financial burden that it creates. In an effort to make this more affordable for families, the Department of Corrections has created the Lodging and Transportation Assistance Program (LTAP) which will reimburse qualifying applicants in the amount of $50.00 towards the cost of either a hotel stay or gas purchase for qualifying applicants who travel over 150 miles to visit the facility. This program is contingent upon available IIBF resources.

For questions or assistance with Lodging and Transportation, please contact the Lodging and Transportation Assistance Program mailbox.

Program Guidelines

  • One use of either hotel stay or gas charge may be approved per month, per incarcerated individual.
  • Must apply at least 20 days (and no more than 90 days) in advance to allow time for processing of application.
    • Applicant cannot re-apply for assistance until the current request is fulfilled.
  • If an approved hotel reservation is cancelled prior to the date of stay, it will not count towards the one stay per month per incarcerated individual.
    • Be sure to check cancellation policy with the hotel/motel prior your stay. If reservation gets cancelled or visitor does not arrive at hotel/motel, visitor is fully financially responsible as agreed upon with the hotel/motel when reservation was made, and DOC will not assist in the funding for that stay.
  • Having a hotel/motel reservation does not serve as exception or give precedence in participating in special event.
  • If the reservation is cancelled or if the visitor does not show for an existing reservation, the visitor is fully responsible for any costs charged as agreed upon with the designated hotel when the reservation was made.
  • If requesting gas reimbursement, the gas receipt that reflects date and time of fueling will be validated with a completed visit for reimbursement to occur.
  • Visitor will be denied future use of funding assistance if misuse is determined.

Qualifying Criteria

Those who meet the following criteria will be approved to participate in the program:

  • Must travel over 150 miles each direction to visit your loved one
  • Address must be current with the Visitation Program. To update your address, email the Statewide Visit Specialist
  • Must have current photo ID with matching address
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old and on the incarcerated individual’s approved visit list
  • Only one visit per individual per month

Required Documentation for Reimbursement

  • Lodging Assistance:
    • The approved applicant may stay at the hotel of their choice, and submit a copy of the paid hotel receipt after the stay to the Lodging and Transportation Assistance Program mailbox. The receipt will need to clearly show the date of stay and that the stay has been paid for.
  • Transportation/Gas Assistance:
    • A copy of the gas receipt must be submitted clearly showing the purchase of fuel, within 2 days of the visit and approved application.

How to Apply

  1. Complete and submit the DOC 06-003 Lodging and Transportation Assistance Program Application for Reimbursement (msword) form identifying the date you will be visiting
  2. Once approved, you will receive an email confirmation
  3. Make sure you have copies of the hotel or gas receipt to turn in following your visit

Please reach out to Statewide Family Services with any questions.