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Board Members

The Chair and Board Members (pdf) are appointed by the Governor to serve five year terms (RCW 9.95.003). Staff support the Board by providing case analysis, maintaining inmate records, and providing administrative assistance.

Kecia Rongen, Chair

kecia rongen portrait

Kecia has worked within the criminal justice system for 21 years, specializing with the sexual offender population. Just prior to coming to the Board, she served as the Administrator for Sexual Offender Programs within the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration. In addition, she has served on a number of legislative workgroups related to sex offender management. She has served as the Chair of the statewide Sex Offender Policy Board twice, from 2010-2012 and 2014-2016 and also served as a Board Member for the WA Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (WATSA). In 2016, she was awarded the Philip L. Russell Ph.D. Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributor to the Field of Sex Offender and Victim Rehabilitation by WATSA. The Governor appointed her to the Board in 2012, and appointed her as Chair in September of 2015.

Elyse Balmert, Member

jeannie miller portrait

Elyse has worked for more than 27 years in social services with the primary focus on victim services. She was the Department of Social and Health Services Program Administrator for the Victim/Witness Notification Program since 2003. She has been a member of the Department of Corrections Victim Services Committee since its inception, and the Washington Coalition of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs VINE Committee. She was a voting member on the End of Sentence Review Committee and the Sexually Violent Predator Sub-Committee for over 25 years. She was a voting member on the ESRC Juvenile Subcommittee since its inception. She has worked on a number of Legislative and policy advisory groups. The Governor appointed Elyse in April of 2017.

Jeff Patnode, Member

jeffrey patnode portrait

Jeff has worked within the criminal justice system for nearly 24 years, specializing with the sexual offender population, evidence based programs, sentencing alternatives, and quality assurance development. Most recently, he served as the Administrator for Juvenile Sex Offender Programs as well as the Commissioner for Interstate Compact for Juveniles. He has served as the Vice-Chair for the Sex Offender Policy Board, Chair of the End of Sentence Review (ESRC) Juvenile Subcommittee, Chair of the Washington State Council on Interstate Compact for Juveniles, and voting member of the ESRC and Sexually Violent Predator Subcommittee. He has worked with the sexual offender population in a variety of capacities to include direct service and program administration in both institution and parole/community programs. The Governor appointed Jeff to the Board in December of 2015.

Lori Ramsdell-Gilkey, Member

lori ramsdell-gilkey portrait

Lori began her career with the Department of Corrections in 1989 as a Community Corrections Officer. In the last 26 years, she has worked with a specialized caseload of sex offenders, facilitated offender programs in the community, conducted staff training, was the Hearings Unit Administrator for several years and most recently was the Program Manager of the Law Enforcement Notification Unit. She was a participant in the Sex Offender Policy Board, the End of Sentence Review Committee, Gender Responsive Initiative; PREA Implementation; and the WASPC Sex Offender Notification and Registration Committee. The Governor appointed her to the Board in April 2015.