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Marriages & Domestic Partnerships

The Department will provide a means for incarcerated individuals to marry or enter into a state registered domestic partnerships during their incarceration. Incarcerated individual marriages must comply with RCW 26.04, and state registered domestic partnerships must comply with RCW 26.60.

Applicants must adhere to the policy requirements in DOC 590.200Adobe PDF document file to be considered for programs and privileges offered for married individuals/state registered domestic partners.

Eligibility Requirements

Per DOC 590.200 Marriages & State Registered Domestic PartnershipsAdobe PDF document file, the following requirements must be met for an incarcerated individual to be eligible.

  • Incarcerated individuals must be under Department jurisdiction for one year before beginning the marriage/state registered domestic partnership application process.
  • Incarcerated individuals in Segregation or in an Intensive Management Unit (IMU) or Close Observation Area cannot initiate a marriage/state registered domestic partnership application.
  • Application processing may be suspended while an incarcerated individual is in IMU or a Close Observation Area.
  • Incarcerated individuals who are boarders must have permission from the Out-of-State Department or the Regional Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
  • Both the incarcerated individual and the intended spouse/state registered domestic partner must be eligible to legally marry or enter into a state registered domestic partnership in Washington State.

See DOC 590.200Adobe PDF document file for more details and clarification.

Marriage/Domestic Partner Application

The intended spouse/domestic partner must submit written intent to marry or enter into a state registered domestic partnership.

The intended spouse/domestic partner will complete DOC 20-213 Marriage/State Registered Domestic Partnership Application for Intended Spouse/State Registered Domestic Partner UseAdobe PDF document file (also available in EspañolAdobe PDF document file) and submit to the incarcerated individual's case manager with the following documents:

  • Copy of their photo identification
  • Certified copy of their birth certificate, and
  • Certified copies of divorce/dissolution decrees for all prior marriages/state registered domestic partnerships, as applicable.

The case manager will process applications and review the submitted documents to determine eligibility, and the Facility Risk Management Team will decide whether the application process should continue.

If the application is denied, the Correctional Unit Supervisor will notify the incarcerated individual and the intended spouse/domestic partner, in writing, of the reason for denial. Review DOC 590.200Adobe PDF document file for more information about what to expect if the application is approved to proceed.