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Individual Technology Services


Individual Technology Services (ITS) includes a wide variety of services that benefit incarcerated individuals, their families, and friends. Services such as phone calls and video visitation help incarcerated individuals stay in touch with family and community and thus be more successful.

DOC has partnered with Securus Technologies to provide a consolidated contract for ITS rather than carrying separate service contracts for incarcerated individuals for phone services, media, and email services in facilities. The ITS project will launch at two facilities in a proof-of-concept project to test the services, with a goal to expand to all facilities statewide upon full implementation.

Once fully implemented at all facilities, the contract will provide all incarcerated individuals in Washington State prisons a new tablet, and a limited number of free weekly phone calls, monthly Video Connect sessions, and free stamps for e-messaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ITS?

ITS (Individuals Technology Services) is a consolidation of technology services for incarcerated individuals at facilities to support communication and prosocial behaviors with loved ones and community that promote successful outcomes. Such technology services include phone, email, video visitation, and media as well as other services.

2. What’s the goal of the ITS program?

We know that communication between incarcerated individuals and their loved ones and the community can be pivotal to their success. We sought a contract that would lower costs to incarcerated individuals, family and friends while improving the quality and consistency of technology products and services.

3. Why is DOC launching at only two facilities in a proof-of-concept rollout?

Because these services are so important to the incarcerated individuals and their loved ones, DOC wants to launch the services carefully, gather feedback and work out any important issues before implementing statewide to ensure the smoothest possible transition and mitigate any potential problems. Rollout of the new tablets and services will begin with a proof-of-concept project at two facilities: Mission Creek Corrections Center and the Washington Corrections Center for Women. Full implementation to all facilities statewide is expected to be complete by the end of 2023.

4. What will be the savings for phone calls?

Under the new contract with Securus, the rate for domestic phone calls will drop by as much as 44% and the rate for international calls by as much as 60%. Also, each incarcerated individual will receive two free 20-minute calls per week. Individual transaction fees for automated phone, retail store and live operator calls will also be lower.

5. Why are tablets used?

Tablet technology is the newest technology safely used in correctional systems for phone calls. Under this contract, all eligible incarcerated individuals will receive a tablet that will enable them to make phone calls from the tablet, which eliminates waiting in lines to use traditional phones.

6. Will the cost for video visits decrease and if so, by how much?

The cost for a video visit will drop by $3.00 per 30-minute visit and there will be some free video visits each month.

7. Will the cost for Stamps and E-Messaging services drop?

The cost for stamps will remain the same, but under the new contract each incarcerated individual will receive 55 free stamps per month. The cost for eMessages, photos and eCards will all remain the same. VideoGram costs will drop from 5 stamps per VideoGram to 4 stamps per VideoGram.

8. Will the cost of money transfers from families and friends into incarcerated individuals trust accounts change?

The new contract lowers fees for money transfers. Additionally, there is no cost to families and friends who transfer money into phone accounts when they use check or money orders.

9. Will the costs change for media services such as music and movies?

In most cases, the cost for media either remains the same or lower. The tablets include free applications such as Podcasts, Law Library, and a suite of educational and re-entry resources to help reduce recidivism. Also, individuals can purchase premium media and entertainment services as well.

10. Previous phone systems had some technology issues. Will that continue?

The new contract includes a new service level agreement and performance standards to ensure quality of services.

11. Will individuals continue to be able to use owned music/games/etc. on their old JP5 after release?

Provided they have not converted to the Unity JP6 tablets, individual’s who are on the Classic JPay model with JP5 tablets will continue to request their content in the same manner as they do today upon release. Individuals will make a request through our customer service department and send in their tablets to be unlocked, if possible, to get access to their music or receive a USB loaded with the same.

12. How will the owned music/games/etc. be able to be used after release on the loaner tablets? How does that work? Do they receive a refund when they turn in their loaner JP player?

Individuals using the Unity JP6 loaner tablets will, upon release, contact Securus Customer Service and provide their individual information, with a mailing address, to request their music and e-messages/photos (games not compatible/available). Once verified, the agent will submit a request for the content to be downloaded to a USB and shipped to the physical address the individual provided. Individuals will not receive a refund when they turn in their loaner tablet.

Coming in 4th quarter 2022 timeframe, we will have a web portal available for released individuals to download their purchased music without having to engage our customer service department and this will replace the current process for music. Individuals will still need to contact Securus Customer Service and provide their individual information, with a mailing address, to request their e-messages/photos.

ITS Resources


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