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Policy Review

It is the intent of the Department of Corrections (DOC) to promote accessibility and transparency for policies, and encourage collaboration during the policy review process. To better facilitate these goals, the Department is providing a list of policies that are scheduled for review within the next 6 months for public comment and review before they are published as revised.

Policies Scheduled for Review

Policies in this section are scheduled for review within the next 6 months. Comments can be made using the Policy Feedback Survey

Scheduled for Review 01-01-24 through 06-30-24

Policy Feedback

The Department of Corrections considers all input for its policies as valuable feedback and encourages anyone to submit comments at any time using the Policy Feedback Survey.

Feedback received is provided to the author for consideration during the regular review of the associated policy. Although input will be carefully considered, submission does not guarantee inclusion in the revision of the policy.