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PRESS RELEASE: Additional Positive COVID-19 Tests for Incarcerated Individuals within Monroe Correctional Complex

Released April 7, 2020

Contact Susan Biller, (425) 754-4939

Department of Corrections

entrance sign to monroe correctional complex

Entrance to the Monroe Correctional Complex (Photo Courtesy of DOC Communications)

TUMWATER – The Washington State Department of Corrections has received confirmation that two additional incarcerated men housed within the Monroe Correctional Complex have tested positive for COVID-19. The men are ages 68 and 28.

The men were previously housed in the Minimum Security Unit, which is the location of the first positive incarcerated individual in the state’s correctional system. As a result of the contact mapping process, the two men were transferred to an isolation unit on April 5th. They were provided COVID-19 testing on-site and the tests were returned as positive on Tuesday, April 7th.

There are approximately 17 incarcerated men housed in the isolation unit. The health care team is providing clinical monitoring and supportive care for the individuals in the isolation unit.

The 111 incarcerated men who remain in the Minimum Security Unit are on protective isolation or quarantine as a preventative measure. Additionally, the facility has made housing moves within the unit to further protect the most vulnerable individuals. All individuals in the housing unit where the first positive individual was previously housed continue to have no symptoms of illness or disease (asymptomatic) and are wearing surgical masks for further protection.

All facility staff who were issued the N95 respirators are being strongly encouraged to wear them. All transfers in and out of the Monroe Correctional Complex have ceased, as of the morning of Tuesday, April 7th.

The Department of Corrections will maintain public updating of new positive cases on the agency’s dedicated COVID-19 Information Center webpage and will no longer send individual news releases on each new incarcerated individual case.

For the latest news about Corrections’ response to COVID-19, including frequently asked questions (FAQs) for staff and for the public, please visit the COVID-19 Information Center on