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Reintegration Reimagined: DOC Launches New Community Corrections Model

January 25, 2023

By Lukas D'Ambrosio Department of Corrections

(DOC Communications)

The Department of Corrections is proud to launch a new supervisory model for our Community Corrections Division called iCoach (individualized, community-oriented, accountability, collaborative help), with plans to launch the program March 10, 2023.

This new model is backed by the most recent science and is driven by two philosophies: Community Reintegration and Enhanced Supervision. iCoach provides more support and advocacy for those within the criminal justice system earlier in their reentry process.

The Sentencing Guidelines Commission Report (pdf) shows that resources and activities dedicated to the transition and release of individuals within the first 90 to 120 days is critical to an individual’s success in the community. This is because people are at the highest risk to reoffend within the first year after release from prison.

"This is the work that we have always done," said Mac Pevey, DOC assistant secretary of the Community Corrections Division. "We’ve always been about reentry, transition and case management services. What this does provide is additional structure for our staff."

iCoach aims to positively impact supervised individuals by using responsivity and coaching through increased supervisory engagement and relationship building with those they supervise.

To achieve this, iCoach provides new training for staff to develop more skills for interacting with individuals, trauma-informed services, basic life skills and providing resources for other services that are available to supervised individuals. The additional time and resources iCoach creates will allow for staff to transition individuals back into the community safer and more effectively.

"The last thing we want is for an individual who is on a really good trajectory to get home, get back to their community, get back to their loved ones and have them lose faith and hope because the world is overwhelmingly complex," said Cheryl Strange, Department of Corrections Secretary.

iCoach aligns with Strange’s Strategic Plan (pdf) for the department and has the backing of both Gov. Jay Inslee and the Washington state Legislature. It is the Department’s goal that both staff and supervised individuals benefit from this new model by receiving resources and time that was previously unavailable to them.