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Prison & Work Release Visitation & Social Outings are suspended until further notice.
Governors Proclamation Open Public Meetings Act and Public Records Act: The Department of Corrections is only processing public records requests via email and through the online electronic request portal.

COVID-19 Information

If you have questions about COVID-19 or the state’s response generally, please visit the Washington State Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response website.


The health and safety of our staff, those in our care, and the community is our top priority.

The Department of Corrections began supporting Department of Health (DOH) response to COVID-19 on February 9, 2020 by providing members of the agency Department Incident Management Team (DIMT). An advanced contingency planning team launched on February 28, 2020 to support the agency response. The department officially opened its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at Headquarters in response to COVID-19, including representatives from health services staff, on March 2, 2020.

Confirmed Cases

Department of Corrections COVID-19 Confirmed Cases

(Current as of Thursday, June 4, 2020. Numbers are updated Monday-Friday, except for holidays.)

**Confirmed cases includes contractor staff,
***Based on location where individual tested positive for COVID-19

Location Staff Confirmed* Incarcerated Individual Confirmed
Headquarters (TUM5, Airport Office, CI Headquarters, ISRB, SWRBO, SWR Performance Center, Maple Lane) 1 N/A
Mill Creek Regional Performance Center 8 N/A
Airway Heights Corrections Center 2 0
Cedar Creek Corrections Center 0 0
Clallam Bay Corrections Center** 1 0
Coyote Ridge Corrections Center 12 40
Larch Corrections Center 0 0
Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women 0 0
Monroe Correctional Complex 10 18
Olympic Corrections Center 0 0
Stafford Creek Corrections Center 0 0
Washington Corrections Center 2 1
Washington Corrections Center for Women 0 0
Washington State Penitentiary 2 1
Other Location*** (Based on location where individual tested positive for COVID-19)
County Jail 0 0
Community Medical Center 0 1
Work Release
Ahtanum View Work Release 2 0
Bellingham Work Release 0 0
Bishop Lewis Work Release 0 0
Brownstone Work Release 0 0
Eleanor Chase House Work Release 0 0
Helen B. Ratcliff Work Release 0 0
Longview Work Release 0 0
Olympia Work Release 0 0
Peninsula Work Release** 2 0
Progress House Work Release 0 0
Reynolds Work Release 2 7
Tri-Cities Work Release 0 0
Community Corrections
Community Corrections Section 1 0 N/A
Community Corrections Section 2 3 N/A
Community Corrections Section 3 0 N/A
Community Corrections Section 4 0 N/A
Community Corrections Section 5 0 N/A
Community Corrections Section 6 6 N/A
Community Corrections Section 7 0 N/A

Regional Care Facilities

The Washington Department of Corrections (DOC) is taking deliberate steps to continue to mitigate the spread of infection to the incarcerated population, staff and general public.

Suitable locations, referred to as a Regional Care Facility (RCF), were previously identified by department leaders and key stakeholders, including local facility subject matter experts. These RCF’s would safely and comfortably house incarcerated individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 and may require more comprehensive medical attention and physical isolation from healthy populations, but do not require hospitalization. Should an infected individual’s medical conditions or needs become severe, the department and agency medical personnel will work collaboratively with hospital partners to provide the necessary medical care.

(Current as of Thursday, June 4, 2020. Numbers are updated Monday-Friday, except for holidays)

Incarcerated individuals from the Confirmed Cases chart are transported, when necessary, to one of the regional care facilities listed below.

Regional Care Facility Incarcerated Individuals Housed
Airway Heights Corrections Center 14

Testing, Isolation & Quarantine

Current as of Thursday, June 4, 2020. Numbers are updated Monday-Friday, except for holidays.

Testing Among Incarcerated Housed in Prison & Work Release Facilities

Screening and testing is conducted based on the guidance of the WA State DOC COVID-19 Screening, Testing, and Infection Control Guideline (pdf)

Number of Tests Completed Number of Negative Results Number of Positive Results Number of Pending Lab Results
512 419 68 25

Isolation and Quarantine Among Incarcerated Population

Isolation: separating a symptomatic patient with a concern for a communicable disease from other patients.

Quarantine: separating from other individuals those who are not showing symptoms yet have been exposed to an individual with a contagious disease.

Federal quarantine and isolation currently apply to the following diseases: cholera; diphtheria; infectious tuberculosis; plague; smallpox; yellow fever; viral hemorrhagic fevers; influenza caused by new or re-emergent flu viruses that are causing, or have the potential to cause, a pandemic; and severe acute respiratory syndromes (which may include COVID-19).

Number of Incarcerated Individuals in Isolation Number of Incarcerated Individuals in Quarantine
82 1,916


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