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INFOGRAPHIC: Wheels for the World

100-PO004 (P08/31/2016)


(Rachel Friederich , DOC Communications)

Text Version

Inmates at Stafford Creek Corrections Center in Aberdeen, Washington refurbish wheelchairs for people with disabilities in developing countries around the world through an organization called Joni and Friends. Inmates restore about 250 wheelchairs per year. The organization has sent wheelchairs to more than 100 countries. Here are a few.

Distribution Map

The infographic contains an image of a world map with markers on countries to which wheelchairs are distributed.

  1. Mexico
  2. Guatemala
  3. Cuba
  4. Haiti
  5. Dominican Republic
  6. El Salvador
  7. Peru
  8. Brazil
  9. Poland
  10. Romania
  11. Azerbaijan
  12. Egypt
  13. Ghana
  14. Uganda
  15. India
  16. China
  17. Thailand
  18. The Philippines
  19. Kingdom of Tonga
  1. Joni and Friends Website