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INFOGRAPHIC: Paying Tribute, an Honor Guard Glossary

100-PO011 (R 1/2017)


(Rachel Friederich , DOC Communications)

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Paying Tribute

The following is a short glossary of terms and descriptions of traditions associated with Line of Duty Death Ceremonies.

Flags Covering Caskets

The custom of covering the casket with a flag is believed to originate before the Civil War, when caskets were not available. The flag was wrapped around a dead soldier's body, forming a makeshift pall in which he could be buried. Today it symbolizes the person's service in the armed forces.

Honor Corridor

Formation created to establish a route or passageway for the deceased to pass through during a funeral.

Guard Types

Honor Guard teams consist of three distinct units: color guard, parade unit and drill team. Parade units perform at special events, such as parades and opening ceremonies. Drill units practice intricate maneuvers with either rifles or swords. The stiff and precision movements are enhanced by sharp clicking sounds of weapons and shoe heels.

Did you know?

Washington State Penitentiary has one of the oldest prison honor guards in the state? It was established in 1988.

DOC Honor Guard Members are deployed to more than just line of duty death ceremonies. For example, Monroe Correctional Complex Honor Guard teams perform ceremonies at the Tahoma National Cemetery in Kent, Washington every month.

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