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INFOGRAPHIC: Taking Care of the Environment from Behind Bars

100-PO018 (R 4/2018)


(Rachel Friederich , DOC Communications)

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Hundreds of inmates lead environmental conservation projects in all 12 of Washington's Correctional facilities through the Sustainability in Prisons Project. Check out some of their accomplishments!

In Fiscal Year 2017:
  • 38 beehives maintained by inmate beekeepers to aid honeybee conservation
  • 574 shelter pets adopted or trained as service animals
  • 699 cords of firewood given to organizations supporting low-income families
  • 780 wheelchairs restored and given to people with disabilities in developing countries
  • 2,570 vocational hours tracked
  • 1,180 attendees in sustainability workshop series
  • 5,333 computers refurbished and donated to schools
  • 65% waters savings by installing efficient valves in facility plumbing
  • 491,991 pounds of produce grown and given to local food banks
  1. Sustainability in Prisons Project Annual Report, Fiscal Year 2017

The Sustainability in Prions Project is a partnership with the Washington State Department of Corrections and The Evergreen State College. Its mission is to bring science, environmental education and nature into prisons.