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INFOGRAPHIC: Sustainability in Prisons Project

100-PO043 (R 06/2019)


(Alexandra Barton , DOC Communications)

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Sustainability in Prisons Project

The Sustainability in Prisons Project is a collaboration between Washington State Department of Corrections and the Evergreen State College that sponsors a variety of programs for inmates to participate in.

Roots of Success

Roots of Success is an SPP environmental education curriculum that is taught by incarcerated individuals that are certified instructors. By the end of the 50 hour course, students are job ready to work in the green economy.

Roots of Success Graduates in 2018
  • AHCC- 20
  • CBCC – 4
  • CRCC - 24
  • LCC – 11
  • MCC-WSR – 10
  • SCCC – 66
  • WSP – 30

More than 1,400 incarcerated individuals attended SPP workshops throughout Washington State in 2018.

In 2018, over 4,000 incarcerated individuals housed in Washington correctional facilities participated in a Sustainability Job Program.

Sustainability programs have been implemented in 24 states throughout America.

  1. Sustainability in Prisons Project Fiscal Year 2018 Annual ReportAdobe PDF document title