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INFOGRAPHIC: End of Sentence Review Committee's Focus on Continuous Improvement

300-PO001 (R 12/2017)


(Dan King , DOC Communications)

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Cases Reviewed

By applying Lean techniques and methodologies, the ESRC was able to increase the number of cases reviewed each committee day from 18 cases to 25. The process was so efficient the average number of monthly review days were reduced from 4 to 3 decreasing committee member time commitment and travel expenses.

  • 2015: 18 cases per committee per day.
  • 2016: 23 cases per committee per day.
  • 2017: 25 cases per committee per day.
Number of days reviewed prior to earned release date (ERD)

The process began in June 2015 and a lean event was held in December 2015.

  • Target was 120 days prior to ERD.
  • Files were being reviewed on average only 68 days prior to ERD.
  • Now (December 2017) files are being reviewed on average 155 days prior to ERD.

"By increasing the days between End of Sentence Review Committee (ESRC) review and ERD, we became less of a roadblock to the release planning process, which can help reduce the number of days an individual stays past their ERD." – Jacob Bezanson (ESRC – Chair, Correctional Program Manager of Law Enforcement Notification)

  1. Washington State Department of Corrections statistics compiled by Dan King, Continuous Improvement Analyst from the Performance Management Division