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Farewell to Two Brigadoon Trained Service Dogs

September 7, 2022

By Aundrea Lund Washington Corrections Center
Two dogs laying on the pavement

Brigadoon Service Dogs Elliot and Evan. (Photo courtesy of Aundrea Lund, WCC)

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On August 11, 2022 we sent a farewell to two Brigadoon trained service dogs Elliot and Evan. Elliot and Evan trained with incarcerated individuals who are a part of the Dog Service Prison Program through Brigadoon Service Dogs. Elliot and Evan were taken back to Brigadoon by trainer Dan for final skills training and to be matched with their forever families.

Although we said goodbye to two very amazing labradors, we are also welcoming two standard poodles Chanel and Aurora. Chanel and Aurora plan on staying with Washington Corrections Center (WCC) for approximately 24 months as they complete daily intermediate level training. Incarcerated individuals at WCC will be continuing their involvement with the program as they help guide Chanel and Aurora into service dogs for Veterans, Children and Adults with physical, developmental, and behavioral health disabilities, to promote a more independent and enriched life.

Brigadoon Service Dogs has programs at Stafford Creek Corrections Center (SCCC), Cedar Creek Corrections Center (CCCC), Coyote Ridge Corrections Center (CRCC) and Washington Corrections Center (WCC).