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Video: Six million worms… and counting

Millions of worms are steadily munching through 10,000 pounds of leftover food each month at the Monroe Correctional Complex, northeast of Seattle. DOC used to pay... Read More
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The Things Offenders Flush Down Toilets: Shoes, Pants, Sheets and Lots of Water
MONROE CORRECTIONAL COMPLEX – Prison inmates use their toilets for lots of things they’re not intended, like drink coolers, washing machines and trash cans... Read More

Maggie Miller-Stout Retires After 40-Years, Says Agency Doing "Hell Of A Fine Job"
AIRWAY HEIGHTS – Maggie Miller-Stout still remembers the reception she got as one of the few female employees at Cedar Creek in the late 1970s, back when it was a juvenile facility... Read More

Officer Awarded Purple Heart for Injuries Sustained While Arresting Violent Suspect
Community Corrections Specialist Nick Weber figured there might be trouble when he rounded a corner at Forest Ridge Park and spotted a violent suspect wanted for stealing firearms sitting in a Chevy Blazer with his girlfriend... Read More

Department of Corrections used in current telephone scam
A telephone scam using a false threat of arrest warrants issued by the Washington State Department of Corrections is currently targeting victims across the United States... Read More