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Family Emergencies

Receive Emergency Phone Calls

Per DOC Policy 450.200 Telephone Use by OffendersAdobe PDF File, the Superintendent/designee of the prison facility where an inmate is incarcerated may permit the inmate to use a non-IPIN State Controlled Area Network (SCAN) telephone line under compelling circumstances, such as family emergencies. These calls will be placed and supervised by employees.

Funeral & Bedside Visits

Furloughs or releases from prison are not granted. Per DOC Policy 420.110 Escorted Leaves, Furloughs, and Special Transports for OffendersAdobe PDF File, the Department allows inmates to be considered for escorted leaves for deathbed visits or funeral attendance of an immediate family member. Approval is at the discretion of the Superintendent/designee.

The inmate may be allowed an escorted bedside visit to a hospital or nursing home, or be escorted to attend the funeral, but will not be allowed to do both.


Expenses are the responsibility of the inmate or their family and must be pre-paid before the bedside visit or funeral trip. Expenses include mileage, meals, overnight lodging, and employee salary for the normal supervision requirements of the inmate's custody classification.

The inmate's assigned Corrections Counselor will provide a cost estimate. Contact the Corrections Counselor for assistance.

  • Escorted leave must be within Washington State
  • Escort employees will maintain visual or auditory contact with the inmate at all times. Auditory contact should only be used when circumstances do not permit visual contact.
  • The inmate will be housed in a city or county jail, state facility, or other Department supervised arrangement at all times when not in transit or actually engaged in the escorted leave activity.
  • Law enforcement will be notified.

Additionally, the duration of deathbed visits or funeral trips will not exceed 48 hours, including travel, unless approved by the Superintendent/designee.

See DOC Policy 420.110 Escorted Leaves, Furloughs, and Special Transports for OffendersAdobe PDF File for more information. See DOC Policy 420.115 Special Escorted Leave for Funerals/Deathbed Visits on Tribal LandsAdobe PDF File for special escorted leave information.