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Policy Glossary

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Terms Starting with R

Reasonable Accommodation
A modification or adjustment to a job, work environment, rules, policy, practice, or procedure that enables a qualified person with a disability to gain access to an employment opportunity.
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Reasonable Suspicion
Individualized suspicion, which is based on specific objective facts in conjunction with rational inferences which correctional staff would be entitled to make based upon their judgment and experience, and which reasonably warrants suspicion that the referenced individual is either possessing, or secreting contraband, or has committed (or is about to commit) a violation of institutional rules or regulations or has committed (or is about to commit) a criminal offense. Individualized suspicion shall be specifically directed to the person who is the subject of the potential search. Factors which should be considered include: 1. The nature of a tip or information. Is the information specific as to: a. Date, time, location, and b. Persons involved? 2. The reliability of the informant. Has the informant provided information in the past which has proven accurate because the information: a. Led to the recovery of contraband, b. Resulted in an arrest and/or a prosecution in the community, c. Resulted in an infraction, or d. The segregation of the accused offender? 3. The degree of corroboration: a. How believable is the information supplied by the informant in view of the facts as they are known? b. Have other sources supplied similar information? c. Does the informant have a reason to falsify information concerning the subject of the information? 4. Other facts contributing to suspicion, or the lack thereof: a. Pertinent information revealed by a pat, electronic, or strip search of the offender. b. Pertinent information revealed by a container, vehicle, electronic, or pat search of the visitor(s), contractor(s) or vendor(s). c. Information supplied by other sources. 5. A positive canine alert of the individual must be supported by one or more of the elements identified above.
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Recognized American Indian Organization (RAIO)
A legally established organization per 501(c)(3) of Title 26 of the United States Code and registered with the Washington Secretary of State.
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To remove refrigerant in any condition from an appliance and store it in an external container without necessarily testing or processing it in any way.
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Regular Rate
The sum of the basic salary and all other payments which are made at less than time-and-one-half the basic salary for all hours worked in a pay period or work period divided by the total number of hours worked that pay period or work period. Time-and-one-half rates are than calculated by adding one-half of the regular rate for each hour of overtime worked.
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Reintegration Wraparound
A way or process of working together to "wrap around" an individual to overcome the challenges of reentry through planning, community-based services and supports, advocating, and coaching to help meet the individual's needs to succeed.
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A parent, child, spouse, state registered domestic partner, sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin, niece, nephew, grandparent or person who is closely related to another person by blood, marriage, legal adoption, or other legal obligation.
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A person who has continuously inhabited a state for at least one year prior to the commission of the offense for which the offender is under supervision, with intent that such state will be the person's principal place of residence, and who has not, unless incarcerated, relocated to another state or states for a continuous period of 6 months or more with the intent to establish a new principal place of residence.
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A feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, valued and should be treated in a dignified way.
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A device designed to protect the wearer from the inhalation of harmful atmospheres.
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Restricted Movement
Containing fewer limitations than a lockdown, Restricted Movement is a period of time when a facility's movement is altered/suspended due to operational safety, security needs, and/or inclement weather.
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An adverse action taken against a person because of that person's engagement in a legally protected activity.
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