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Employee Recognition

The Department of Corrections believes that consistent use of recognition is a key in inspiring employees, creating a positive work environment, and reducing turnover.

The Employee Recognition program (pdf) was established to recognize agency employees for their outstanding accomplishments and moving our mission, vision and values forward. Bestowing honor on our employees recognizes the merit of our most valuable asset. The process of recognizing someone for their outstanding accomplishments is a great way to acknowledge everyone’s efforts at DOC.

The Annual Agency Awards are given annually to nominated staff. Nominations can be submitted by completing the Statewide Annual Agency Awards Nomination form.

Annual Agency Awards

Department of Corrections' Values
Presented to an employee who consistently exhibits superior job performance, displays a strong work ethic, and conducts business in a professional manner. They value and strive to build and maintain relationships. This person excels in their position, is self-disciplined, and is not afraid to take initiative. They demonstrate open, honest, and effective communication skills. They are a reliable employee who values others’ ideas and opinions. They play a vital role in contributing to a safe and supportive work environment. They are inclusive, respectful, and embrace diversity. View the Department’s values. Up to twenty (20) recipients will be chosen.
Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Respect
Presented to an employee who promotes an equitable, diverse, respectful and inclusive workplace. They understand each person is unique and models all four qualities, daily, in a positive manner. They model fair treatment, showing support for all to have equal access to opportunities. They value differences in all staff, embrace their individuality, and empower them to work more effectively and with diversity of thought. They provide a safe, positive and nurturing environment while exploring these differences. This individual is respectful and welcomes any person or group to any team appreciating the value they add. They understand the worth of every person and act with integrity in the workplace acknowledging differences as a positive addition to our organization. Up to twenty (20) recipients will be chosen.
Presented to an employee who thinks outside of the box and has developed creative ways of doing business to drive forward our mission of Improving Public Safety by Positively changing lives. This employee believes we can always do better. When presented with a problem or challenge, they question existing assumptions and beliefs surrounding the issue. They engage in courageous conversation to produce suggestions and solutions for process improvements based on agency mission, vision and values. They are passionate about the work we do in corrections and model this through creative problem solving, proposing new ideas and effective communication. Up to twenty (20) recipients will be chosen.
Realizing leaders can be in any position, this award is presented to an employee who exhibits exceptional leadership qualities, who models engagement, and is respectful of other employees. They set an example for others to follow. Leaders hold all five of DOC’s core values at the forefront of their work. They strive for a safe and healthy environment for staff and/or individuals. They exemplify a commitment to being inclusive and embrace diversity. They believe in the value of recognizing and supporting shared success. They continually demonstrate positivity in their words and actions considering the impact on those they serve. They support courageous conversations. They are personally accountable and take personal ownership of all actions. They display a high level of personal and professional integrity. Up to twenty (20) recipients will be chosen.
Presented to an employee who understands the importance of collaborating with organizations, agencies, groups or individuals to develop relationships which enhance DOC’s ability to carry out its mission and vision. They value partnership and trust while being inclusive of all involved. They respect, acknowledge, and listen to the perspectives of all stakeholders and consider the impact on those we serve. Up to twenty (20) recipients will be chosen.
Petrine Marciniak Inspirational
Presented to an employee who was confronted with a life-altering situation and exhibited perseverance, dedication and determination despite their current circumstances. Continually demonstrated a high standard of professionalism and optimism through positive words and actions on the job. Serves as a role model to instill hope and inspiration to others in similar situations. Up to five (5) recipients will be chosen.
Team Excellence
This award is presented to a group of individuals for their superior teamwork. They have outstanding performance results due to group achievement and promote the spirit of working together. They are recognized for superior work ethic and reinforcing the collaboration and partnership necessary to achieve agency goals. They believe in a shared desire for best outcomes which is modeled through upholding the agency’s mission, vision and values through their work and interactions. Up to ten (10) recipients will be chosen.
Presented to an employee who demonstrated courage and bravery to ensure the public’s safety. They understood the demand for immediate action and were able to prevent serious injury or death. They maintained the department’s vision to create safer communities that value physical, mental, emotional security and wellbeing in the face of danger. Up to five (5) recipients will be chosen.