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Sole Source & Emergency Purchase Contracts

Under state law, Chapter 39.26 RCW – Procurement of Goods and Services , provides the parameters by which Washington State agencies such as the Department of Corrections (DOC) contract for goods and services, and requires that sole source (RCW 39.26.140(1) ) and emergency contracts (RCW 39.26.130 ) be made available for public inspection for a period of not less than 10 working days prior to the intended contract start date.

Current Notices

Contract Company Services Date Published Bid Deadline Cost
PR2402287 Simtek Modular, LLC The Washington State Department of Corrections is conducting a competitive solicitation for the acquisition of SIMTEK Modular Shoot House Kit #4 deliverable to Tacoma, Washington. See the Outreach Notice of Bid Opportunity (pdf) for more information. 3/15/2024 4/23/2024 $49,305

Emergency Contracts

Contract Company Services Date Published Start Date Cost
None at this time
If you wish to obtain additional information or have questions regarding DOC contracts, please contact the Contracts & Legal Affairs Office.