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Contracting Opportunities

For contracting opportunities, please see Washington's Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) for vendors or Capital Planning & Development.

Request for Proposals

Continuing Medical Education and Skills Assessments

Purpose: DOC seeks a vendor that can provide a current, evidence-based, software as a service (SaaS) educational solution for DOC Health Services staff. In addition to providing continuing medical education resources, the ideal vendor would provide courses to help develop nursing staff through interactive skills assessments. All nurses are mandated by licensure to complete annual continuing education, and this would ensure that that the continuing education is completed and relevant to their practice.

Intergovernmental Contracts

Chapter 39.34 RCW – Interlocal Cooperation Act provides the authority for DOC to contract with other governmental entities and quasi-governmental entities e.g. (other Washington state agencies, other State governments and/or their agencies, cities, counties, tribes, or any agency or part of the Federal government). To obtain copies of these agreements, please email the Public Disclosure Unit.

Telecommunication & Electronic Media Service Contracts

Per RCW 72.09.765, any contract to provide incarcerated individuals with access to telecommunication services and electronic media services in state correctional facilities shall be made publicly available and posted on the department's website. The information that must be displayed on the department's website includes:

  1. Rates for facilitating telecommunication services including, but not limited to, phone calls, video visitation, videograms and video clips, emails, and accessing music and entertainment;
  2. Fees charged for money transfers and transactions, maintenance of financial accounts, and any other fee charged to the user to facilitate the money transfer or online deposit account; and
  3. All fees or costs charged to the incarcerated individual or customer in exchange for use of telecommunication or electronic media services through the contract.

Telecommunication & Electronic Media Services

Telecommunication services and electronic media services are currently being provided by the same vendor and are under the same contract. The contract document is provided in the most digitally accessible version available. The signed photocopy version is available upon request.

Securus Technologies, LLC.

Contracts Resources


Laws & Regulations

Below are the executive orders and state laws (RCW) that apply to and/or relate to contracts.

Executive Orders

Revised Code of Washington (RCW)


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