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Contracting & Purchasing Opportunities

To do business with the State of Washington and the Department of Corrections (DOC), a business must be registered in the Washington's Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) for Vendors. For WEBS help call (360) 902-7400 or email Capital Planning & Development facility and construction business opportunities are also available. DOC encourages diverse business participation.

Request for Information

Community Based Reentry Services for Transitioning Incarcerated Individuals in Washington State

Purpose: The Washington State Department of Corrections (“Department” or “DOC”) is reposting this Request for Information (“RFI”) to obtain information about potential vendors and the services they may be able to provide to individuals leaving confinement of the Department by supporting their transition into the community. The purpose of these programs is to assist individuals by providing programs, services, and interventions to enhance and support a safe reentry into the community, while also removing or reducing barriers to their successful reentry. It is with great intention to provide these equitable services statewide; therefore, the Department is seeking services providers in areas of Washington State where transitional services and programs are currently limited. These areas include the following Washington State Counties: Adams, Chelan, Douglas, Ferry, Grant, Kittitas, Lincoln, and Stevens. Reentry programs and services are designed to help individuals successfully reenter their community following their confinement through improving public safety by positively changing lives and working together for safer communities. The purpose of these programs is to assist individuals by providing programs, services, and interventions to enhance and support a safe reentry into the community, while also removing or reducing barriers to their successful reentry. These programs and services consist of but are not limited to; transportation services, food service programs, employment service and assistance programs, parenting programs, mental health programs and services, peer to peer support groups, mentor programs, veteran’s services, faith-based programs, etc.

Request for Proposal

Jail Bed Rate Study

Purpose: The Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) is seeking proposals from Bidders to examine jail rates needed by local governments to recover the cost of housing individuals under the jurisdiction of the DOC who have violated the conditions of their court community supervision order. The analysis must examine the availability of specialized jail beds for medical and behavioral health care that include services such as acute mental health care, detoxification, medications for opioid use disorder, and other substance use disorder treatment. The study must also include an analysis of costs to expand access to specialized jail beds statewide while maximizing Medicaid coverage under Washington's section 1115 Medicaid transformation waiver. The analysis must include a recommended methodology, to include detailed fiscal backup materials in Excel, to update daily jail bed rates going forward. A draft report is due on August 30, 2024, and a copy of the final report is due on September 15, 2024. DOC has been budgeted $270,000 for this work.

Correctional Information Management System (CIMS)

Purpose: The Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) is initiating this Request for Proposal to solicit proposals from responsible, qualified organizations that offer offender management systems (OMS) compatible with the requirements identified by DOC in Attachment D, DOC CIMS Requirements(ms-excel). DOC’s vision is to procure a new Correctional Information Management System (CIMS). The replacement system will be a Vendor-Off-the-Shelf solution that is accurate, reliable, configurable, auditable, and scalable.

DOC Reference Check Software

Purpose: The DOC is undergoing this effort due to policy states that during the recruitment process the agency will complete three professional reference checks for interested candidates. This process includes calling and emailing references directly which can take a lot of time. By implementing a reference check software, the process can be streamlined and allow the vetting process to become more efficient resulting in candidates’ days to hire being reduced.

Employee Occupational Health & Safety Records System Solicitation

Purpose: DOC requires a centralized technology solution that allows data sharing between units to monitor employee safety/health case management and to measure compliance. A well-designed technology solution will centralize business functions and promote more timely and efficient daily operations. View the Request for Proposals(pdf), Sample Contract(pdf), Sample Bid Submission Letter(pdf), Bidder Certifications and Assurances(pdf), and Bidder Response Form(pdf) for more information. The Request for Proposals (RFP) and relevant updates will be posted to WEBS as well (see link below).

CORE Training Needs Assessment

Purpose: The Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) is seeking proposals from Bidders to conduct a review of the agency’s core professional training, including content and instructional practices. It is expected the review will result in a comprehensive needs assessment, which will support a future Request for Proposals (RFP) to update and refine the DOC curriculum. The anticipated cost is roughly $80,000.

Chinook Drydock Repairs

Purpose: The Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) is issuing this Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit bids for the following described project: The contract work consists of the following repairs to the passenger carrying vessel M/V Chinook: Dry-dock vessel to perform routine maintenance and complete USCG dry-dock inspection and internal structural exam for credit; Resurface bottom to waterline, clean bow thruster tube/propeller, apply anti-fouling bottom paint, and replace zinc anodes; Inspect and polish propellers, inspect shafts, overhaul as needed; Service bow thruster (oil and propeller service); Install port and starboard D-rubber fendering and hull-bonded fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) mounting-rail according to provided specifications; Prepare, and coat all new work and areas disturbed during completion of work contained in the contract, in accordance with the coating specifications provided; Remove and replace 12” FRP exhaust pipe from port and starboard main engine cooling water assemblies to mufflers ; and other related maintenance work, as specified in the Scope of Work and Specification (EXHIBIT I). The vessel is 80’x 21’and is a USCG inspected passenger carrying vessel. The drydock must commence prior to the USCG biannual out of water inspection, due on March 31, 2024 and all of the work must be performed within the Puget Sound, Region, by June 30, 2024. RFP documents and relevant updates will be posted to WEBS (see link below).

Request for Quotes

New Fujifilm Sonosite LX Ultrasound Systems, or equivalents

Purpose: The Department of Corrections is seeking bids on two (2) new Fujifilm Sonosite LX Ultrasound Systems, or equivalents (see appendix A) for the Health Services Clinic at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, WA. See PR2337077 Bid Opportunity(pdf) for more information.

Modular Shoot House Kit

Purpose: The Washington State Department of Corrections is issuing this Competitive Solicitation pursuant to RCW 39.26. Pursuant to this Competitive Solicitation, the Department intends to conduct a competitive procurement to purchase Modular Shoot House Kit estimated to be valued at less than $150,000. Because it is estimated to be less than $150,000, the agency intends to award the contract to the lowest responsive and responsible bid from a small business (as defined in RCW 39.26.010(22)(a) or veteran-owned business, unless none of these businesses are responsible and responsive to this solicitation. See PR2402287R Bid Opportunity(pdf) and PR2402287R Specifications(pdf) for more information.

Intergovernmental Contracts

Chapter 39.34 RCW – Interlocal Cooperation Act provides the authority for DOC to contract with other governmental entities and quasi-governmental entities e.g. (other Washington state agencies, other State governments and/or their agencies, cities, counties, tribes, or any agency or part of the Federal government). To obtain copies of these agreements, please email the Public Disclosure Unit.

Telecommunication & Electronic Media Service Contracts

Per RCW 72.09.765, any contract to provide incarcerated individuals with access to telecommunication services and electronic media services in state correctional facilities shall be made publicly available and posted on the department's website. The information that must be displayed on the department's website includes:

  1. Rates for facilitating telecommunication services including, but not limited to, phone calls, video visitation, videograms and video clips, emails, and accessing music and entertainment;
  2. Fees charged for money transfers and transactions, maintenance of financial accounts, and any other fee charged to the user to facilitate the money transfer or online deposit account; and
  3. All fees or costs charged to the incarcerated individual or customer in exchange for use of telecommunication or electronic media services through the contract.

Telecommunication & Electronic Media Services

Telecommunication services and electronic media services are currently being provided by the same vendor and are under the same contract. The contract document is provided in the most digitally accessible version available. The signed photocopy version is available upon request.

Securus Technologies, LLC.

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Laws & Regulations

Below are the executive orders and state laws (RCW) that apply to and/or relate to contracts.

Executive Orders

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