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Correctional Officer (CO)

The Department of Corrections currently employs approximately 3,500 COs (Tim Kelly , DOC Communications) Vea este video en español View the video in Spanish.

In support of the Department of Correction’s (DOC) mission, Prisons have a diverse team of correctional professionals dedicated to improving public safety by providing opportunities for staff development, family reunification and positive inmate change in a safe and secure environment. As a Correctional Officer (CO), you will be the heart of this effort for DOC.

In addition to maintaining safety and security inside the prison, you’ll serve as a pro-social role model for adult inmates by modeling appropriate behavior and holding them accountable for their actions when necessary. This is an important and meaningful career working face to face with the population that our agency serves. Having the opportunity to impact a life on a daily basis and being a first-hand witness to positive change is a unique reward that you’ll experience as a CO. You will be a key contributor to the rehabilitation of incarcerated persons and to DOC’s mission “to improve public safety”.

As a CO, you may have opportunities to serve in various posts including Response & Movement, Transportation, Recreation and many more. Each of these posts serves as an essential part of the operations at the facility. You may also have the opportunity to serve on specialty teams such as Special Emergency Response Team (SERT), Quick Response Strike Team (QRST), and/or Inmate Recovery Team (IRT) to name a few.

Correctional Officer 1 (CO1) is the entry level for this career path. Upon hire you will receive 6 weeks of training at DOC’s Correctional Worker Core Academy. After one year of experience on the job comes an automatic promotion to Corrections Officer 2 (CO2). Many officers continue to promote up the custody ranks (CO2, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain), however, there are other career paths that are greatly enhanced by incumbents with CO experience, for example Classifications Counselors, Correctional Program Managers, and Training and Development Instructors.

As a DOC employee, you’ll enjoy a number of outstanding benefits including medical and dental insurance, retirement plans, generous paid leave and holidays, promotional opportunities, tuition assistance programs, and much more! For further details, visit our Benefits webpage.


  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Legal (Constitutional) right to carry a fire arm. (Note: A concealed weapons permit is not required.)

Hiring Process