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Mission, Strategic Measures & Budgets

Each state agency shall define its mission and establish measurable goalsYouTube video for achieving desirable results for those who receive its services and the taxpayers who pay for those services. For the purposes of assessing activity performance, each agency shall also establish quality and productivity objectives for each major activity in its budget (RCW 43.88.090).

Mission & Vision

The Department of Corrections (DOC) was established to ensure public safety with a comprehensive system of corrections for convicted law violators within the state of Washington (RCW 72.09.010).


To improve public safety by positively changing lives


Working together for safer communities

Our Commitment

To operate a safe and humane corrections system and partner with others to transform lives for a better Washington.

Our Values

  • Cultivate an environment of integrity and trust: Corrections values partnership and trust. We foster openness and support courageous conversations. We are committed to doing what we say we are going to do by being accountable and taking personal ownership in our actions.
  • Respectful and inclusive interactions: Corrections appreciates and values individuals by promoting an inclusive and diverse environment, which encourages safety. We respect, value, and listen to the thoughts, feelings, and perspectives of our stakeholders and consider the impact on those we serve as well as each other.
  • People's safety: Corrections believes in creating an environment that values physical, mental, and emotional security and well-being. We honor those who advance safety for all.
  • Positivity in words and actions: At Corrections, we assume positive intentions and believe there is a shared desire for the best outcome. We consistently demonstrate positive behavior and always put forth our best effort.
  • Supporting people's success: Corrections is committed to our community – understanding individuals, instilling hope, embracing change, and providing opportunities

Strategic Plan & Measures

Department Strategic Plan

State agencies are responsible for the development of strategic plans that include the mission of the agency and its programs, measurable goals, strategies, and performance measurement systems (RCW 43.88.090(3)).


For the purpose of assessing activity performance, each state agency shall establish quality and productivity objectives for each major activity in its budget. The objectives must be consistent with the missions and goals, be expressed to the extent practicable in outcome-based, objective, and measurable form, and specifically address the statutory purpose or intent of the program or activity and focus on data that measure whether the agency is achieving or making progress toward the purpose of the activity and toward statewide priorities (RCW 43.88.090(3)).

Additionally, each agency must adopt procedures for, and perform, continuous self-assessment of each activity, using the mission, goals, objectives and measurements (RCW 43.88.090(4)).

Results Washington

Results Washington is Governor Inslee's data-driven initiative to make government more effective, efficient, and customer-focused. Launched in 2013, Results Washington is helping drive improvements on dozens of key goals.

Supporting Successful Reentry

The Department of Corrections' (DOC) key objective in supporting successful reentry is to reduce the number of individuals who return to institutions as a result of new felony convictions (i.e., reduce recidivism). The department supports this objective by working with community partners, implementing evidence based programs, and establishing continuity of health care to aid in successful reentry both before and after release. Lower return rates translate to increased public safety and reduced cost to the taxpayer for the state's criminal justice system. The Department's objective of reducing recidivism is located in the Results Washington outcome measure Healthy and Safe Communities.

Operating & Capital Budgets

The governor shall communicate statewide priorities to agencies for use in developing biennial budget recommendations for their agency, and shall require from proper agency officials detailed estimates that include statements or tables which indicate the state funds which are required for the receipt of federal matching revenues, and must reflect that the agency considered any alternatives to reduce costs or improve service delivery (RCW 43.88.090(1)).

It is the policy of the legislature that each agency's budget recommendations must be directly linked to the agency's stated mission and productivity goals and objectives, and budget proposals must include integration of performance measures to allow for objective determination of an activity's success in achieving its goals (RCW 43.88.090(5)).

Department Biennial Budget Development

Every even numbered calendar year the Department of Corrections (DOC) compiles a biennial budget request according to the Secretary's priorities and based on input from supervisors and managers, including Superintendents and Field Administrators. The biennial budget request includes a 10 year capital budget plan (pdf) that details statewide facility preservation and project needs.

The Department's proposed budget request is submitted to the Office of Financial Management (OFM) in accordance with deadlines each year. See Agency Budget Requests to learn more about the Department's past and present proposals.