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Hearings & Sentencing Contacts

See the main Contact Us webpage for other Department contacts.

External Agency and Court Hearings


Tracy Schneider, Correctional Manager (360) 890-0574
Janet Nelson, Corrections Specialist 4 (509) 720-4218

Prison Legal Liaisons

Airway Heights Corrections Center
Cedar Creek Corrections Center
Clallam Bay Corrections Center
Coyote Ridge Corrections Center
Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women
Monroe Correctional Complex
Olympic Corrections Center
Stafford Creek Corrections Center
Washington Corrections Center
Washington Corrections Center for Women
Washington State Penitentiary

Parenting Sentencing Alternative (PSA)


Jennie Fitzpatrick, Program Administrator (360) 790-2792
Lynn Stuart, Parenting Program Manager (360) 463-6524
Katrina Avent, Parenting Program Supervisor (253) 509-3714
Lori Elliott, Administrative Assistant (360) 878-4848
Parenting Sentencing Alternative Program
For general questions or completed forms for the PSA program.
(360) 586-0169 – Fax

Corrections Specialists

Lisa Helsen – Everett, WA (425) 238-4576
Niki Bruner – Kennewick, WA (509) 406-6848
Ebony Lee – Seattle, WA (206) 775-4038
Racquel Lanoue – Shelton, WA (360) 580-7813
Sheri Overholser – Spokane, WA (509) 385-3906
Riveka Crooms – Lakewood, WA (253) 344-6453
Wendy Meisenbach – Vancouver, WA (360) 762-1509
Terra Ambrose – Yakima, WA (509) 314-0802


Maurya Ayala, Resentencing and Release Manager (253) 355-4321
Resentencing Calculation Questions
For attorney and DOC records staff questions about sentence calculation and DOC jurisdiction related to State v. Blake or other resentencing efforts.
Resentence Planning
For DOC staff, legal teams, family and others to contact regarding notifications of an upcoming resentence hearing or of an immediate release due to resentencing, and general questions about reentry services for those impacted by resentencing.
Blake Decision - Commutation Orders
For DOC staff to submit signed Unconditional Commutation Petitions for individuals currently on DOC supervision for a Blake related cause.
Blake Decision - Cost of Supervision Refunds
For general questions or completed forms for cost of supervision refunds related to the Blake Decision.

Resolution Program

Lorne Spooner , Director of Correctional Services
Carol Smith, Statewide Resolution Manager (360) 688-8542